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Larry Stylinson

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Never let anyone tell you that you aren’t strong. you’re the only person who had the strength to pick up the pieces of your broken soul from the bathroom floor, the only person who had the strength to pull yourself out of bed every morning, the only person who had the strength to pick up your…

And everthing starts to seem like a eternity, when you lose the person you love. No more life, or smiles, and hapiness exists. Just pain.

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Nobody sees  Nobody knows
We are a secret can’t be exposed
That’s how it is That’s how it goes
Far from the others
Close to each other
That’s when we uncover


a rare piece of history not repeated since




This is Korean: 안녕하세요
This is Japanese: こんにちは
This is Chinese: 你好
They’re different.

imageIt all looks the same to me





how he scratches his noes is so adorable 

a gifset of luke hemmings scratching his nose has 14.3k notes.

it literally almost has 20 k notes. tumblr loves luke


I am once again going to voice my concerns about Louis’ weight loss because honestly I don’t think this is talked about enough.
I did some research, and he is about 20 pounds underweight. 20 pounds.
I am just really worried. He’s so, so tiny and my stomach aches whenever I see pictures of him because this is not just healthy. It’s not.
His cheeks are hollow and his tummy is definitely not there anymore, on the picture of him shirtless you can see his ribs, and didn’t he use to brag about having the biggest biceps of the group?

Louis is obviously not okay and it hurts me to see because he just… He shouldn’t be sad, you know? And there’s nothing we can really do.
Idk. I just wanna give him a hug.
I hope he’ll be okay.


au: harry is always filming louis. louis pretends he doesn't love the attention.

I don’t think I’m fixed. People think that you’re like a car in a body shop. You go in, they fix you and you’re out. And you work like you’re brand new, and it doesnt work like that. It takes constant fixing.

Louis Tomlinson, and Harry Styles; two boys who fell in love the minute they met in the washroom at the X-Factor. 'Oops' and 'Hi' were the first words that came out of their mouths, and those two words led to a relationship full of love. Larry Stylinson is real, and I ship it.

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